Sunday, October 27, 2013

World of Finance: In the comfort of others

What do I mean by the title in the comfort of others? It is not that I am talking about sleazy side of someone being in the arms of their loved and not so loved ones. It is about the ordinary people who are comfortable in their lives and just happy to let others do their work while they just show up and do their regular boring jobs. I know that some people love their jobs but again would they be able to do that job on their own if they get laid off. Would the comfort of their company being now vanished, how they would respond to their new situation. It is easy to love your job when you just have to show up and everything is ready for you like a desk, computers, phone, stationery, calculators, papers and even coffee is available free of charge and you don’t have to worry about the restocking of these supplies as it is done for you. And you think that by writing this I am not guilty of the above. I am with all these people who are comfortable with what the others are doing for them (although I should admit that with this blog and others things concocted from time to time by me, I am trying to be a little different). And by the looks for how many people are looking for jobs, this comfort in others will keep on going on since it is from the start that people have been made to realize us that working for others is better than trying something different and work for yourselves.

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