Friday, October 25, 2013

Group Vacations

Have you ever taken group vacations? It just means that you are one of the families in a group of families planning and going to a vacation spot together. It can be a good or can be a nightmare depending upon your own experience. Even if you are going on a family vacation like with your sibling’s families or your cousin’s families, differences may crop up which can turn a vacation into a sour deal. Just start with planning, where do you all want to go and why. If one person says that he/she is going to take charge of it, then there can be others (even within your own family) who will say that I did not authorize that family member to be the boss or in charge of deciding where to go and everybody has an idea where they want to go. Even the kids of different families have different ideas where they want to go and they don’t want to go to some place where they do not wish to go. And after the whole delegation of who will arrange for the vacation, then you have to find out from each family where they want to go. And again you have to find a common ground so that all the families are happy with the decision. This alone can be stressful as the person who is designated to plan the vacation has to into consideration the sensitiveness, choices and preferences from each of the families. And I mean I have not even started yet with all the niceties about the trip yet.

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