Thursday, October 31, 2013

World of Finance: Immigrants and the economy-9

How do you keep the dwindling population of the developed world from vanishing in the annals of history? The one way that has been done is to give financial support and other incentives to the families to have more babies. It has been tried and still trying in Russia (to no avail), in France (with some success) in Germany and also in Japan but the culture in both Germany and Japan discourages mothers to be to work in a workplace. It maybe that the culture does not look kindly to women working when they have kids in the house or there may not be enough day care centers or people feel that the kids are not taken care of in the day care centers, whatever maybe the reason, this thing is not going to reverse the decline in population. The only other way if a nation with a declining population is to survive is to have more immigration. I know it is a big controversial topic which many natives are against but that is the reality of the future. For example as Japan population ages and people live longer there, in the near future there will be only two or three people to support one retiree and then the government will have to take more debt. Same goes with Russia whose once mighty empire is now struggling with declining population despite the government plan to increase by various means (not including immigration). It is useless for the native population to conjure up racist themes when the population is already declining beyond the level of replacement.

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