Wednesday, October 16, 2013

World of Finance: Car buying-3

The third time when we bought the car, it was certified pre-owned but we were fully prepared as my wife had done all the homework, research to buy that car. Since that car was only available at that particular lot and she had a definite price that she was willing the pay. It was not as bad as we just traded in the first car and whatever the price came out for the trade in price, we just put in the new car. The process was a breeze as compared to looking and checking several cars, test driving and then haggling and if you don’t like it, you just to go another dealer and the whole process start again. This whole process was expedited due to the fact that internet has made the search of car buying a lot easier than before. Instead of buying a newspaper and search for cars in a certain geographical location by driving to the dealers and waste a lot of time, now it is easier to research on the internet and then go to that dealer to buy the car you want. So this is what we did when we were buying our cars from the manual and coercive version to the latest tool of the internet to get your dream (or car in your budget). Now I will let you through the process based on the internet technology that how you should go about the process of buying a car. Although some of the experiences will be the same for all buyers but there may be some who will have a different experience than what I am describing but there will still be some steps in general that every car buyer has to take. I will as closely and as truthfully let you through the process.

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