Saturday, October 5, 2013

On the business path: What to do-5

Unless you have a store which sells unique stuff which is unlikely to be found anywhere in the city, you have a choice in this case to locate in a neutral neighborhood and people will come to you, otherwise, my advice is to use the location concept in real estate business and go for a location which is accessible by most people. But always remember that since you want your business to grow you need to have a web presence so if the people are unable to come to your store, they can visit your website and shop there. So you can have two venues to promote and earn income (but that is for later topics on marketing), but for now your focus is if you choose to have a physical store is to find out what type of physical store will suit your needs and which you are capable of running easily. Although a physical store can let people come in, touch, feel, see stuff up front and personal but nowadays it is really an expensive proposition and needs upfront much cash to begin with not to mention all the regulatory burdens that comes with it. It is not to say that the burden does not come to the internet, it does but it is less well regulated by the cities, town, and states and can be done rather quietly and without any hindrance of time limit that may be imposed by law and also security wise it may not hold good for a beginning entrepreneur.

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