Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Consumed by hatred-3

Now my question is that all this hatred being consumed by individual in the name of race, color, national origin, religion and sectarian healthy for any society let alone an individual. Does GOD really care what color, race, national origin you are when you will be judged by your deeds? And why this violence in the name of hatred. If you don’t like somebody just keep it to yourself and let the other individual be what they are, since it is not in their control what and how and where they were born so why you keep on insisting that you should not tolerate them in your midst. If they are doing something wrong, then you can call the police and let them handle it, but why you have to a self appointed guardian and take it upon yourself and spew out venom against innocent people without any cause. If you don’t like somebody just because of certain characteristics, just leave them alone. A person consumed by hatred just keeps on hating and trying to make sure that the other person does not have a chance to prove them. And in this consumption of hatred, the ability to think on other things get impaired and you are enveloped by this self consumption that you are not able to see where you can profit from other "out casters" and this is the loss you will have even though you think that you are winning, you are losing on so many opportunities other people can offer just because your hatred has restricted you to a very narrow scope of people who may not give you much benefit. So although I am sure this hatred will never die but at least keep it to yourself since it will hurt you in the longer term.

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