Monday, October 21, 2013

Sense of responsibility

What is responsibility and the sense that we are responsible for something or somebody. It just means that morally and legally the society expects you to take care of the person or stuff that you have in your possession. Being accountable for the thing you have been tasked with is what sense of responsibility means. But do we take our responsibilities seriously? For the most part we do but it is debatable that as humans we do hundred percent of it if nobody is seeing us. But let's start with our responsibility as a parent and taking care of our kids. For the most part (and I mean most) we do take care of our kids and take very seriously about what happens to our kids. From the time that we become parents to our little bundle of job our whole life as being a carefree single (or married with no kids) changes drastically. You cannot escape now with the fact that another human being which you have help bring to this world depends upon you for everything and you are entirely responsible for his/her upbringing and raising him/her to be a good person and citizen of the country. Every financial and any other decision you make have to put your kid in mind because it will affect you and your kid. Even when you are talking in general terms to your spouse (or partner), you have to be careful not to utter any word which can be repeated by your child.

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