Monday, October 7, 2013

On the business path: What to do-9

But let’s get to the location scenario later and concentrate on what you want to do in the internet. If you want to start part time, as I said internet is the way to go to experiment with your desire to be an entrepreneur. If you want to sell stuff other people make there are many ways you can buy cheaply like going to flea markets, yard and garage, estate and rummage sales, charity organizations and churches and other religious institution where they have monthly sales of donated items. On the internet you can contact closeouts; wholesales and second hand goods market or just open the phone directory and search newspaper ads to find stuff that are cheap and interested enough to sell easily. I will not go into details much about what to buy since it is up to you to decide what sells or not, but once you decide to buy something you need to know how much and many to buy. Buying what and how much will depend upon how much money you have in to spare for this venture and how much you are willing to risk it. If it is a small amount and small numbers then you will be okay but whatever you buy, you will have to have a space where to store it. And the merchandise stored in place where it is not damaged by rain or other natural calamities. It is not only the storage of the merchandise but also the packaging and other supplies that you will have to use to send it to the buyer's destination that you need the space specifically for your business. It needs to be accessible easily without any hindrance. I will get back to the merchandise supplies part in my later posts, but for now you may have an idea about how the physical goods are similar in the case of physical store and your house.

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