Wednesday, October 2, 2013

World of Finance: Recruiting agencies-4

And this is the main reason I don’t like to go to recruiting agencies but they are necessary in your job search. If you want to change careers, good luck with these agencies since they can be sympathetic but it is better to go directly to the company’s websites (another post). Then there are recruiting agencies which specialize in a few fields and if you have experience you should definitely approach them. I also believe that calling these agencies is far superior to sending them resume and assume that they will call you right away. Once you have the phone number of a particular person at these agencies, then you can send email. Otherwise you will definitely have to visit them once so that they know who you are and that you cannot do it via the internet. So get ready to call a lot of agencies and do a lot of talking. My advice is that you should always keep your mind open when approaching these agencies and you may have to provide your resumes to many of them and go to a lot of interviews but don’t solely rely on them, otherwise you will waste your time since they can give you a call maybe once a week and you have to call them more often then they will call you whenever the job is available because although they advertise jobs but when it is your turn, you can turn out to be not so good fit. So my next stop in your job search will be company’s websites

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