Friday, November 1, 2013

World of Finance: Immigrants and the economy-11

And you cannot force your new immigrants to marry the natives girls also. So skilled immigration will come with its own set of problems from the point of view of the host country. And for example even if they don’t how can you make sure that they will stay in the place you intend them to stay in the sparsely populated areas of the country. They may want to stay in a place where there are shops, entertainment, parks, work to go to, transportation etc. How the host country intends to stir them into areas where the population desperately needs to be replenished. Although this are the different scenarios I am painting but the countries need not be discouraged as a multi cultural society breeds tolerance and also there is no other way the population can grow from within but only from without. As Canada, the United States, Australia and other countries with less population have demonstrated that immigration has saved their own population from declining and their economy from collapsing. All the above that I have described makes immigration a complicated issue and you would not see the effects of it unless the immigrants start contributing to their host country and it may be many years before one can see the impact. The immigrants do contribute to society by way of communities, paying taxes, populating neighborhoods that have been vacated long time ago, increasing revenue base, preaching tolerance towards other cultures and learning about different people. So all these positive things should be emphasized but immigration should always be through legal means so that it is not fair to people who are waiting in line why the illegal ones gains just because they happen to in the country legally.

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