Monday, November 11, 2013

On the business path: Retail-9

Sometimes the stores which sell handbags put the relatively inexpensive ones out in the open but the expensive ones in glass showcases to make them more prominent and exclusive looking. But it maybe that the company whose expensive handbags are displayed prominently in glass showcases may have paid for them to be distinguished from other so called non luxury brand. No matter what the case is, it is up to the individual store policy how to display their products. So initially if you want your store to be small, then you would have to have fewer fixtures to display your products. But again it all depends upon what products you want to sell. Clothing would require hangers and sometimes clean tables to put your stuff on them neatly, and prices displayed prominently so that there is less need for interaction between the salesperson and the customer unless the customer specifically asked to be helped. Apart from fixtures that you can use according to your needs, you need to have proper and ample lighting so that the customers do not strain the eyes to see what the products is made of or how it looks like on them. I would definitely avoid a store which is not well lit even the ones which contains novelty items and horror stuff because I don’t want to strain myself to look what the item is about. The inventory should be ample and having a store with empty or partially empty shelves gives a negative impression of the store. If you are having a clothing store, it should be noted that the similar size clothes should in one place and not all around.

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