Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Global Neo Nazis movement-3

And why blame the white people only for racist tendencies when you can find it in other races also. If you read history you will notice that the Japanese in World War II had the same problem and still now the country does not allow widespread immigration despite the fact that the own population is dwindling due to xenophobic attitude. And it goes on and on, look at the Buddhist and Hindu Anti Muslim attitude and also among the Muslims, despite having a religion where you are only superior due to your characteristics, racists, xenophobic and superior attitudes abound. The Muslims may blame the white people for the racist attitude but when you visit Muslim countries and live there you will find out the even when you are of the same religion, you will be discriminated and felt inferior due to where you are coming from, you social status and your color. And it is perfectly fine with the people but they can only see the white racism not their own. And it is has nothing to do with religion and all the thing to do with human nature and attitude, if you want to blame Nazism for all this you can go ahead and blame them but nobody is forcing you to practice this hatred for other races and love of your own. It is what you have been brought up with through your parents, internet, and friends, social and electronic media. You cannot reason with these people until you go to the root cause of this problem and until you do that you will keep on having this problem in your midst. No need to say that they are misguided or are born that way since we have not done the job to educate them from the start regarding love and compassion and justice for other people. It is we the whole collective society that is at fault for this increasingly violent minority.

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