Monday, November 11, 2013

On the business path: Retail-14

For now you don’t even have put price labels on things if you already know the price and you know that you can tell it to the customer once asked but usually it is for grocery items but even there if you are not that busy it is nice if you really put some price tags so that if you are busy attending to the other customers, some of them can save a lot of pain by not asking you since the price is already there to see. If I was a store owner, instead of remembering the prices, I would just put the prices below the item so that people can judge for themselves if they want to buy it or not. No need to have unnecessary contact when you can avoid it and let the customers alone to decide. I have seen in big stores sometimes the salespeople come and ask if they can help you with something and it is really bothersome for me since if I need your help I will ask. No need to follow me and watch me like I am going to steal something. Whenever I see some kind of aggressive salesperson ship like that I get annoyed and very angry enough to avoid that place where they are looking to help. I run like crazy if I see any kind of these aggressive salespeople ready to pound you as soon as you start browsing stuff. I know that it is sometimes the policy of the store to have these people help customers and there may be commission involved for every time a customer buy things but you don’t have to hound me and watch me while I am deciding to make a purchase.

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