Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A drone, a killing and Pakistan

So a few days ago, a drone struck the head of the Pakistani Taliban killing him instantly who was carrying a bounty of USD 5 million by the U.S. and Rupees 50 Million (1USD= Approximately 107.00) by the Pakistan government. And what is the reaction of the Politicians there, outrage, crying, mourning and calling him a martyr and a peaceful guy. How pathetic you can be that a person responsible for killing thousands of Pakistanis is now being called a Martyr and crying for him. I just pity the nation where the killers are facilitated and celebrated and the victims are forgotten. And the Pakistanis keeps on electing the same people who have failed them over and over again and then they say that what is wrong with their country. Nothing is wrong with the country; it is the people inhabiting that country that are completely in twilight zone. Instead of appreciating the fact that one of their most wanted has been eliminated, they are now questioning why he was eliminated. And the news are coming that he used to live in a house worth USD 120k which is a huge amount of money there (where did he get that kind of money? nobody knows or wants or dares to know the source) just a kilometer away from the head quarters of the army based there just like OBL was living in the shadow of the Pakistan Military academy (equivalent to U.S. WestPoint). Is it just a coincidence or what, is Pakistan harboring terrorists or just looking the other way or afraid to lose their lives. Interesting double game I believe.

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