Sunday, November 3, 2013

An independent Kashmir anyone?-3

But will both the countries ever would want to let go of this land locked region over which they have been fighting for the last 65 years. The prospects are very bleak or you can say next to none because there is so much as stake that both are willing to spend billions of dollars each year to maintain a status quo while their millions of their own population go hungry every night. And both of the hungry nations are happy to claim Kashmir as their own while desperately trying to uplift the lot of their own population. I mean what really is the purpose of all this fighting when each one knows that they cannot win it outright. India does not want to mediate a settlement regarding this issue because it is a closed one for them and Pakistan wants to mediate and want to get the U.S. involved in it but the U.S. has always said no can do, it is your problem, you do deal with it between yourselves. But if one side says no and the other weaker one says this in a feeble voice, then things are not going to happen. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost in insurgencies and uprising in Kashmir but nobody has ceded an inch of their territory held since 1948. There has been no study on either side of the border that details what happens if Kashmir is given its independence because instead of using brains, emotions are involved in the reckless pursuit of conquering the whole of the territory by either country.

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