Monday, November 18, 2013

The word “work” problem between a man and a woman-2

And you cannot quantify emotional help when you need it and the loving households that the woman creates which you cannot put a dollar sign to it. When you need emotional support, no amount of outside help is equal to what you can get from your wife. And a help can leave at five or maybe six but a woman's work is never done. The amount of love she can put in for the work in her house cannot be matched by any outside help and this work is more than what a man could do by working for somebody else and bringing the money. Granted that a man brings home the paycheck but it does not make him any superior work wise than a woman as described above. He should be thankful a woman does all the household work and more without bothering him about the things when he comes home from work. This issue of I am working while thinking that a woman is not bring home money does not mean she is not working has got to stop. It just stresses out the parties involved and resentment ensues and nobody is ready to back down from their argument. If each parties understand their responsibilities and especially the men should understand that the women is carrying an equal or even more burden of work on their shoulders, then the argument would not exist in the first place. Once you realize that both people's work is needed in order to successfully and peacefully run the household, everybody would be happy.

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