Monday, November 4, 2013

The habits we form and have

I believe everybody develops a habit or habits in their lifetimes. Sometimes it is a bad habit which your parents, friends, spouse, your relatives and well wishers try to stop or put an end to it and sometimes it is a good habit that you get praised for and people try to copy it or instill within themselves and also encourage other people to do the same. Everybody can define for themselves what the bad habits are or what the good habits are. And when you are married what habits drive your other half crazy and he/she have tried their best to either eliminate it or at least curtail it from their daily lives and some have made peace with that habit as it is just a minor of their lives and you tend to see your loved one beyond that habit. Sometimes you don’t even know how you developed a habit and it just becomes part of your routine and you don’t even realize it unless someone points it to you. Some habits are universally liked and some are not and some you may think are wrong but the actual person doing that habit may think that it is right and vice versa. So what are good habits depends upon whom you are asking but there are some which are universally agreed upon like telling the truth always, be on time, pay your bills, study hard for your exams, be nice to other people, not picking your nose in public, cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing, or yawning, saying excuse me, thank you or sorry when required and others which are practiced by every human being.

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