Monday, November 11, 2013

On the business path: Retail-12

You know the shoes and clothes are easier to carry and discard at will at different counters of other products. But it is rare to see big items like household electronic stuffs misplaced. This is just a matter of organization and constant monitoring of the cleanliness of the store. Nobody would want to shop at a place where they have to search for the items and if found they are not of the same size or are out of stock or are misplaced in some section which has nothing to do with the product. These are the kind of signs that the either the store management/owner does not care about the business anymore or the employees are too careless enough to do their job. And I would rather take my business somewhere or shop infrequently if I have to trip over some stuff lying around to get to the product I want. I believe that the small business that have a small store in order to compete with big stores should take care of the stuff mentioned above and bring a pleasant shopping experience to their customers. It is also easier for them to replace and replenish empty shelves since they know the products and they know when a shelf is empty. In a small store an empty shelf is more prominent than in a big store but the big store can also have a problem if the shelves are too empty of the item that should have been stocked from the warehouse.

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