Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A drone, a killing and Pakistan-2

Do the Pakistani people deserve better leaders, I believe they surely do but are they striving for it, the answer is a big NO. The government of Pakistan is really not interested in any kind of law and order and they just want to desperately surrender to the Taliban in order to buy some time for them. I can’t believe that a bunch of rag tag army of Taliban armed with only hand held weapons have defeated the State of Pakistan and are now in a position to dictate its terms of surrender by the government. The weak and coward government there has completely forgotten the sacrifice the thousands of innocent victims that the bomb blast has blown them away and then they blame the U.S. for their own cowardice. I used to think that there can be some kind of redemption for this government but after this latest ruckus over a Taliban leader I have no hope for that country's future. Innocent people are dying every day and the only thing they want is jobs and some sense of security but meanwhile the so called elected government along with all the politicians is trying to cuddle with the Taliban in the hope that they will be spared their lives. Discussing peace with people who don’t care about killing kids, women, old men is the newest low for the government and the politicians there and all hopes have now been abandoned. Nations are going to the moon and mars even the ones who have become independent after Pakistan and all the politicians have to do is to cuddle favors with the Taliban that they so desperately immortalize and eulogize and publicly embrace. No wonder people are leaving that country in droves as all hope has been lost in that unfortunate country.

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