Saturday, November 2, 2013

An independent Kashmir anyone?

As you know that my blog contain posts which span the entire world and if anything interests me I will read it and write my opinion about it and that is what I love to do. And as everybody knows, Asia and especially the Middle East has always been the most dangerous part of the world where the conflict never stops and thus you see me doing posts regarding ongoing conflict and conflict which has spanned decades and even centuries. I know that I have written about the unresolved Kashmir conflict, the tiny part saddled between Nuclear armed India and Pakistan on which both the countries have fought three wars and are still nowhere near to resolve this issue as both the countries are passionate about holding on to it no matter what the price is. And the price has been steeper every year that goes by but it is too precious and important to let go of it by either countries. Although it seems like a radical idea to a lot of people and many people on both side of the border have opposed it but there is a small minority inside Kashmir who advocate a complete independence for Kashmir, both the Pakistani and Indian Held Kashmir. Passions have always been high on both sides since they became independent countries in 1947 and have spent billions of dollars on keeping a huge army and maintaining their own rules on their held sides of Kashmir. And it is not that everything has been peaceful on either as from time to time skirmishes happen resulting in the killing of soldiers and civilians.

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