Monday, November 11, 2013

On the business path: Retail-15

For a small business you really don’t need a salesperson as you would not encounter that many people in your store and even if you do, you can go by yourself and fetch the item. But if you have big store, then if it is absolutely necessary to have a salesperson (sometimes necessary) you need to keep them at a safe and visible distance from the customer so as not to intimidate them with your salesperson presence. There are some places where you do an experienced salesperson to help you navigate like a hardware store, electronic specifications and similar other places where you need a personal touch but other than that salesperson are become obsolete. So whatever you want to open, just make sure if you hire a salesperson they should be kept at a distance from the customers. In other cases you should just hire a person who can handle your day to day function in addition to helping customers that way you can save money on your labor costs. In the big stores, you need to have a tally of inventory so that when some of your items go beyond a certain number; you can order that automatically to replenish that product. In the same business you don’t need fancy software to fill this job as you can just walk around and see what items you need to replenish, go into your small warehouse area and see if you need something ordering and it is pretty much manual or if you like you invest in a small software but then the cost will be a factor as you have to scan each product and put them on the software and the pricing, number of packages, amount to order, type of color (if any) and other things that need to be done in order to keep tab on that particular product inventory.

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