Monday, November 11, 2013

On the business path: Retail-10

And believe me when I say this that I have been in some stores where the clothes are lying around, different sizes are in different places which annoys me a lot and also sometimes the price tag is also not there and you are just scratching your head whether to buy it or just put it in the cart and ask the cashier what price are the clothes. I know how hard it is to fold the clothes and put it neatly just to be opened again and thrown around without buying them but that is the price one has to play in order to attract customers. Then you would need a fitting room so that people can try clothes on to see if it fits them rightly. And again I have see many fitting rooms where the common pins are on the floor, hangers hanging around and clothes from previous customer lying around. And some of the fitting rooms have no locks on the door so you have to make sure you are holding the door and at the same time trying new ones. Really is that how you are going to run your store? Sometimes there is rush in the store and you are unable to clean the fitting rooms or the clothes on the shelves cannot be folded or even replenished fast enough but it seems like they are really don’t care about what is being put in the fitting room especially the locks on the fitting room are sometimes missing and it is embarrassing (for me at least) to change clothes while the door is open or you are doing a juggling act to have one hand on the door closed or shut and with the other trying new clothes.

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