Saturday, November 2, 2013

An independent Kashmir anyone?-2

Since I have been born some 4 decades ago, all I am hearing is the Kashmir issue and you know what more people have died in the urban cities if Pakistan than in the Kashmir issue but nobody is counting that and the people in both countries are attached to the so called Kashmir cause like a baby holding on to their milk bottle. Although there is a United Nation resolution stating that there should be a plebiscite so that the people of Kashmir can decide what they want to do but I believe that it does not include the option of independence which is still opposed by both countries. And this plebiscite will never happen because it may have results contrary to the wishes of both countries' governments. Whole generations have been brought up in both countries on the notion that Kashmir region is theirs to keep and the other side is the occupier and oppressor. I have not been to Kashmir, but the people who had been there before this new uprising started in the 1990s say that it is heaven on earth or some call it the "Switzerland of the East". So instead of just trying to spend money on an issue which is not going to be resolved anytime soon or forever, why don’t India and Pakistan swallow the bitter pill and let Kashmir attain full independent from either of them and emerge as an independent country. Even if they don’t have any industry, since its beauty has been touted and portrayed so much it can become in time a tourist destination more or so equal to Switzerland.

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