Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Disaster in Philippines

Another big super storm hit Philippines recently and the devastation that I have been reading and watching on the internet is incredible. I have seen bodies lying on the road and sidewalks, no water and electricity available and the threat of looters, not all of them criminal and many desperate to ensure food available for their families have been highlighted. Food drives have been started and millions of overseas Filipinos have sprung up to help their fellow country people. And many families outside the country are also anxious to hear from their loved ones who have been either missing or they don’t have any news about them and the devastation is far and wide, although the Filipino government already coping with the earthquake that hit that country recently had evacuated more than half a million people but only you can evacuate so many people and still casualties reports have been coming up high and it would be a long time before they will get near to an exact tally of how many people were killed. Same goes with the loss as it is an early estimation that tens of billions of dollars worth of property have been damaged or destroyed beyond repair. In the U.S, we had the same thing with Super storm Sandy although it was not the biggest one but the biggest one to hit the U.S. and the nation is still recovering from it after more than one year. So this will be case with Philippines too and much more since the devastation is so vast and wide and Philippines is a poor and developing country which will need all the help from rich countries to cope with this unbelievable disaster. Let us all pray and help in the speedy recovery of that nation as well as the people who have been suffering from natural disasters now and then.

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