Monday, November 4, 2013

The habits we form and have-3

Although I will acknowledge that it is easier to find fault in others than yourself but let me start with the easy part, finding fault in others and I will self analyze myself also very harshly and critically to be fair. Driving your car slow while you are in the fast lane is one of the habits I have seen and I really get mad with that. Lying is another one to cover your behind is another one (I am guilty of that too). Parking between two spots is another one of the habits that some people do it. Cursing all the time is also not a good habit and also being rude and dishonest when you can be nice and get things done that way is also a big NO in the habit department. My habits are a little peculiar and I am sure everybody has its peculiarities when it comes to habits. I try to shave every other day instead of every day, you can call it laziness or just too much work but that is how I operate but I do not shave on the weekends unless it is some occasion like birthday or had to dress up. My laziness gets to me sometimes (well most of the time) and that is the most I hate about my habit. And I really get pissed off about it too since I can do so much stuff if I am not lazy but then again it is my loss at the end. I always promise myself that I would not be lazy but it is just another of those habits that I forget my promise to myself and then I back to my old habits. One of my habits is when I come back from work I go straight to the internet to check my emails and go on different sites to check the news which I may have missed for the last two hours of my commute.

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