Monday, November 18, 2013

The word “work” problem between a man and a woman

I was looking at some articles about work issues and then came upon this age old issue regarding work. This is an ongoing feud/tussle between a man and a woman because sometimes the man says something that he is going to work or he works hard to put food on the table and the women stays home and he tries to inadvertently or advertently belittle the work that the woman does at home. In essence that since the man thinks that he makes money by working and woman does not, the work is not comparable according to him. But think about it that if the woman is not at home and working, the man will come home and see that not all the chores are done or the food is not cooked and then how he would feel about it. Or if he feels that the woman should work and bring home money then he would have to hire somebody to take care of the house and kids and do all the chores that she is supposedly want/require to do. First of all the men should get this out of their minds that their work is equal to the women's work. It is not and cannot be because if you start to hire some help and let them do the work, then the men would have to pay upwards of USD60k and more just to get the job done and it stops at 5 or 6 in the evening. How about the rest of the evening and the evening dinner and taking care of the kids and then give a man company and then on weekends the woman takes care of households chores since if you have to hire help for 24 hours 365 days a year you will have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and even more.

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