Saturday, November 16, 2013

A trip to your beloved dentist-2

And so he set to work numbing the area where the teeth was supposed to be extracted and he started to drill on my teeth which is again no fun at all. There or maybe four times he asked me to rinse my mouth so that any blood remaining should come out and then as he said it was half an hour before the procedure was done. He said that the next appointment should be with the hygienist so that he/she can clean my teeth and take x-rays to see when the implant or crown should be inserted. And the dentist assistant gave me some cotton clothes so that I can put it in the area of the extraction and press it so that the blood can be sucked out. She gave me instructions not to eat heavy stuff for a day and not to eat anything on the side of the extraction. Anti biotics and pain killers was prescribed as needed. And I was told not to rinse for a day and she gave me further instructions regarding how to take care of the extracted area. I made the appointment for the hygienist in the next few weeks and paid the deductible and came home painful and still in pain after two hours of that procedure but time heals everything and so I am waiting and waiting. This going to the dentist is really painful but a necessary evil if you can say that way but I would not go until I am desperate but this thing has just started so I want to see it through. So if any other adventures I come across this exciting dental work I will share with you.

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