Friday, November 22, 2013

Aren’t we all blasphemers?-3

This post is not to insult disrespect any religion or belief whatsoever but a deep thinking analyses about how people should respect other people's religion and not start to behave like animals and start complaining about how other people have done blasphemy to their religion or religious figure because as I said before what I think is blasphemous cannot be blasphemous to another person of different race and if you are not able to reason with the other person then you should not resort to violence just because you think that you can silence other people's narrative. If you happen to be in country where the blasphemy laws are applied mostly against Non Muslims then you should be careful of what you say about the customs or religion as people can twist the meaning and create a false claim against you. But these laws should be applied when the accuser should also face the music if he/she happens to report a false blasphemy case. I don’t know if there has been any discussion of what constitutes true blasphemy and if the government has the right to get involved in it through laws and regulation when they are unable to provide basic needs of their citizens. And wherever somebody did try to discuss this, he/she has been killed or has escaped death by moving to more liberal countries. It is a contentious issue and super delicate since religion is a very touchy subject for anyone, but my main point of discussion is that blasphemy is not only for the Muslim sensitivities but anybody could be offended when it comes to religion matters and you should not even try to discuss religions matters if you believe that it would be taken the wrong way some way along the discussion.

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