Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Global Neo Nazis movement-2

This article is not to bash any race but the tell the readers that Neo Nazi movement is for anybody who thinks that his/her race is superior to other race and they can and must resort to violence to prove it. But the strangest thing that I have noticed is that despite the Nazis killing millions of people across Europe and Russia, the white people still adore their policies and practice it with fervor. If you have seen the salutes and the clothes they were and the policies they preach, they are not only similar but one and the same without realizing that the Nazis killed white people too. For example look at Russian Neo Nazi Skin heads who are increasingly target internal migrants from the other parts of Russia despite the fact that millions of Russian died because of the siege that the Nazi Germany laid to their country some seventy years ago. Maybe this new generation of Neo Nazis has forgotten or is just attracted by the idea of Nazism or just pride about their race, this is a dangerous phenomena. Although laws in Europe restrict access to the symbols and displays of Nazi culture but it is still thriving underground. In the U.S. because of the First amendment protection of free speech have a more open field to preach their hatred or their version of Nazi philosophy. And this thing has spread to many countries in Europe where the Nazis looted and plundered and killed so many people that it is just a shame that a whole generation of Europeans have forgotten about what Nazis did to their countries.

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