Monday, November 11, 2013

On the business path: Retail-8

I have seen variations in store display across different stores depending upon where you are shopping. For example, most if not all jewelry shops have glass cabinets where you can see the jewelry but cannot touch it unless it is opened by the staff of the shop. It is kept locked so that if some staff is busy with other customers, the jewelry is safe and would not be stolen. Although I know it is part of the trust issue but you never know who is or is not a thief. Although every person who enters the store is expected and should be treated with respect but that does not mean that you become vulnerable to unscrupulous elements who are there to exploit an opportunity amid the rush or distraction of the staff. And even if you enter a store, you will still find a mix of secure and seemingly unsecure locations populated by merchandise. I have see stores where the clothes are lying around and watch and expensive fragrances, jewelry are locked or are in a place behind the counter and if you are interested you would have to approach the salesperson to see that thing in your hand. This is good mix of secure and unsecure items or the items which the store things is valuable or invaluable enough to be stored in a certain place. Clothes are all over the place and even the most expensive ones like suits and other luxury goods are not securely stored behind the counter since it is hard to steal them carrying it outside without the prying eyes of the store security guard or other alert customers.

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