Friday, November 15, 2013

The season I love the most-2

I know this might sound strange but snow falling is so much fun, but I should readily admit that it is not fun to remove snow either from the side walk, your drive and especially from your cars as the bone chilling winds can make your hands really freezing and then you have to do inside your house to take a breather and warm your hands to start another round of snow cleaning. And if there is several inches of snow it is another pain since even if you have cleaned your cars, sidewalk and drive, there is this hazard of driving on the roads which may or may not have the snow removed from them. And if you have to walk over the snow, that is another juggling act since you don’t want to fall down when maneuvering yourself on it. Even if there is no snow, sometimes the weather is so called that you wish there was some snow to go with it. And the wind with the snow or without snow just isn’t the greatest combination as it becomes sometimes unbearable to walk but me being weird love the wind blowing against my face (but not my hands as I have to wear gloves not to have frostbite on them). But no matter how bone chilling the wind and the cold, I love winter and I always wonder how much cold temperature I can take even with bundles of clothes on me and I believe that is why most of the people hate that season because it is dreary, nights are long and days are short and the carrying of so much clothes on yourself is not fun but no matter what winter is my favorite season as I was also born in the winter.

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