Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Global Neo Nazis movement

I have been long tracking this Neo Nazi phenomenon worldwide and have to come to the conclusion that nobody is immune to it. What is Neo Nazi? Roughly it is a person who is xenophobic, homophobic, racist, skinhead and anybody who does not like any other person not like him. Usually they are White who hates the Jews, gays, Muslims, Arabs, Blacks, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and anybody who is not white like them. As you know that Nazism started with Germany and it grew out of the believe that the White are a superior race and are divinely destined to be the so called "Master Race" who need to rule the world and over all other races. The party was especially hard on blacks and Jews with the Jews the primarily target as they had planned the final solution for them. Although that was their plan and they tried their level best to achieve it but could not. But although the Jews were the primarily target, Whites were also the target too as you can see by the destruction created by them in Europe and Asia but this phenomena whatever meaning you can call it is universal. Neo Nazi is just a collective name given usually to anyone who adheres in its own version to the ideology of Nazis. And I mean it can include anyone not only the White people. If you look at World War II, the Japanese considered themselves superior to all the Asians and hence they kept on conquering countries in Asia although they may not thought themselves as Nazis but surely they acted like them in terms being all the above characteristics.

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