Sunday, November 17, 2013

Running after money

I was watching a movie and the characters were running after money like there is nothing more important than that. And it is true that very few people love their jobs and they are just there to make money so that they can pay their bills. Even if you see some happy faces in the crowd either they are happy just to have a job or just want to get out of the house and meet their friends while making money. Everything revolves around the money aspects and it is true that if you don’t have enough money or no money, you cannot pay your bills, go on vacation, save for retirement, pay your debt, give gifts to your loved ones, do repair to your car, do shopping for Christmas, pay for your kids college fund and do millions of other stuffs that you cannot do without money. It is a fact that everybody is running after money, even the rich people who have enough money to feed many families are always thinking about making more money than they have now. Sometimes I think that all this running after money has really improved our lives or make us more materialistic and we have forgotten that when we die no amount of money will help you in your salvation because GOD would not care a bit how rich you are in this world as you will be judged by your character, even if you don’t believe in a higher being it does not mean that there is none otherwise this universe would not have existed. So the money can make you temporarily happy but it is your character that will be remembered after you are long gone.

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