Friday, November 15, 2013

Is the silent majority too silent, don’t care, indifferent?

I can hear myself in whispers and still everybody is there but nobody is saying anything, what kind of silent majority this is? The west keep on criticizing that most of the Muslims are insisting that they are against terrorism but don’t hear them denounce it when times comes and then again we hear the same thing over and over again that the Muslims are against terrorism so where is this silent majority? It seems that every time they try to have an excuse not to say anything they are part of the problem and not the solution. They are not even saying anything about the terrorists among that they are so passionately supposedly oppose. Why this silent majority keeps on being silent and endures all this abuse from the terrorists. Are they enjoying this, are they afraid of being killed or are they are so indifferent and so Anti American and anti west that they are ready to suffer all the casualties in order to hurt the west? Even as this so called Silent majority remains silent, the only people that are being killed in this hatred quest of the west are the Muslims and the silent majority don’t say anything like they are really indifferent to the killing and that is what I think, that the majority don’t really care about the Muslims killing Muslims as long as they keep their head in the sand and think that they are say by not speaking out. And it is not only the Muslims but anybody who believes that something is wrong and don’t raise a voice against it is an accomplice to the crime and this silent majority will have limited space till they become the silent minority.

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