Monday, November 11, 2013

On the business path: Retail-6

I know that once you like the place, you would want to get it before somebody else does but showing your exuberance and enthusiasm can get you in trouble with the inflexible terms that the landlord may impose if you he/she finds out about your urgency to sign the lease no matter what. Try if you can to get a two year lease so that you will know whether you want to continue with your business or just wrap it up. Even if you lose interest or the business is not work after a few months, you would not lose that much money if you breach the lease contract or don’t want to breach it by just staying open to cover your store expenses. In either way a long term or a short term lease, always involve a lawyer to review the lease contract to see if nothing is against your interest that may harm you or your business later on. Once your lease is signed and you have a place to start your business, you are ready to start planning how to furnish it and what kind of stuff you want to put in. Again it all depends upon what you kind of store you want to open. Restaurants, coffee shops and other eateries will have its own share of permits and if you happen to open a bar or club then you would have liquor or bar license with its array of laws, permits and regulations to take care of.

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