Friday, November 15, 2013

The season I love the most

Everybody has their favorite season and if you hear from most people it is the summer. Although autumn (or fall if you like to call it), spring and winter also liked by some people but for the most part, people seems to love summer. With nice sunny weather, kids are playing outside, people going on vacation and wearing fewer clothes. Since the summers have near universal school holidays, there is always rushing at all the vacation spots as families travel for vacation. The days are longer and you can do more activities, everybody seems too cheerful as the summer weather casts its magical spell on people of all ages. And if you see by the looks of the immigration pattern, more and more people from cold areas are flocking to sunnier destinations like people from the cold north are settling in sunnier south or even have vacation spots in tropical and sunny climate areas. People pay a lot of money to buy houses in sunnier climates and vacation in the spots where sun is always available and I have not heard about anybody having a vacation in the frigid areas of the world like in the northern U.S. Canada or northern Europe. Everybody runs away from cold weather and specially snow but if you have been reading my opinions, I am totally opposite to these people. Although I love sunnier climates but nothing beats like cold areas. I love the cold weather as much as most of the people hate it. It is just fun to shiver in the cold weather, have a cold coffee, tea or soup cooped up in your bed watching TV or just browse online.

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