Monday, November 11, 2013

On the business path: Retail-4

If you store is going to sell items which does not need much browsing, then you can disregard the parking in front of your store but people will still need to park their car in order to shop in the store only for a few minutes. So the location of the store where there is ample parking even during rush hours is a plus point. I hate a place where I have to circle around looking for a parking and I am spending more time looking for one then to spend time in a store which if it is not unique will stray me away to another one where there is parking nearby or the purchase can be postponed just because the item I am purchasing is not discretionary. So after making a list of things about the demographics, parking and building codes, you then decide that the area suits your needs, and then you can proceed with establishing your store. Now the part where which store to lease starts and it all depends upon what kind of retail outlet you want. A grocery store can be either big or small, depending on your area of the store and clothing store will be different than jewelry or a restaurant. A store where you can provide service or sell general goods will need a different space than a sporting goods store and if you have a location in which you are the only one, then a grocery/general store will suit you the most considering most of the time these are one of the few stores that are allowed to open in a residential neighborhood (unless some other countries allow you to open whatever kind of store you want to establish).

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