Monday, November 11, 2013

On the business path: Retail-11

Although it is a no brainer but I will mention it here that a toilet or rest room facilities must be provided for your customers and employees and hopefully it would remain clean and be cleaned every day. And if you have noticed if you are selling clothes, people expect you to sell shoes too but not the other way round since there are only shoes stores where they sell complimentary stuff like laces, socks or other shoe related products. But here I am saying that if you happen to sell shoes, be sure that each pair is of the same size and not different ones. I have seen in stores that when I want to buy some shoes and I have found my size but only one pair is there and sometimes the inventory is not there for my size and the one of the pair is in some area and the other one in some other place. There is no organization in the shoe area and stores which are understandable but you can be pro active and make sure all the things are in place. You don’t want your customer to run around trying to find the second pair of shoes and also the size of your shoes are nowhere to be found although you can other sizes which really I would not care since it is not my size. And it is not one store I am talking about , I have seen many where there are inadequate stock of shoes in my size and I really get mad that what I am seeing on the internet I cannot see in my store and try it before buying.

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