Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The habits we form and have-4

Taking shower every day and brushing my teeth has become a habit for me as it is for billions of people around the world. The babies sometimes have their security blankets or just suck their thumb even when the parents repeatedly tell them not to do it. And as you get married what you once considered a cool habit may butt heads with your wife's disapproval especially when it is financially wasteful or if it takes time away from each other too much. In this case you can either stand your ground and risk a rift between your relationship, scale it back to acceptable levels if you are not going to completely abandon it or just convince your significant other that it is will be fun if they both do it together so that they are not left out. Breaking a habit when you are a little kid is easier than reforming a grown man who is accustomed to having his own way. There will always be the case that some of habits will be disliked by your parents or your spouse’s but the point is to get past through that habits or you should have super valid reasons to convince them to drop it otherwise, but you if love the person, an annoying habits or some habits should not hinder you from creating a friction in your relationship because you know everybody has habits which the other person may dislike but unless it is financially ruinous or life threatening you should let go of the issue and move on. Life is too short for arguing about whose habits are good or bad and just try to get along as long it does not hurt anyone.

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