Sunday, November 3, 2013

An independent Kashmir anyone?-5

It seems that no matter how many people get killed in Pakistan, nobody cares about them since all the eyes are directed towards Kashmir and what is happening there. First you have to fix your own house in order, secure it and give rights to your own people, grow your economy and then when you financially strong then make a case of yours to the world and then when the world will listen to your reasons and justification for the Kashmiris people. When you are fighting insurgency, waiting for foreign aid and shouldering an increasingly downward spiraling economy, rampant corruption and unemployment and people who would believe wild conspiracy theories without verifying the authenticity of it and a weak government who are unable to control areas under its control, I don’t believe anybody in the world would want to listen to your crying narration about how the Indians are killing Kashmiris when you are also following the path of supporting groups killing minorities and different sects especially Shiites in your own country. I don’t want to belittle the struggle of the Kashmiri people right to self determination but it should not eclipse the right of other people to live their lives according to their beliefs and customs. You can only champion the right of the other people, if you are respecting the right of the people living in your country and nobody now cares about what happen to other people unless they are backed by economically and militarily powerful nations and until that time it happens, Pakistan should concentrate on fixing its country and stop spending billions of dollars each year on a cause which they are not even themselves sincere about secretly.

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