Sunday, November 3, 2013

An independent Kashmir anyone?-4

But with independence all the investments and money spent on this emotional debate will go away and this is not what both countries want despite the official rhetoric that you see all the time. Hypocrisies abound especially in Pakistan where government after government continue to champion the cause of the Kashmiris why the rest of the Muslim world don’t even care what happens to that region. And even after spending stupendous amount of GOD knows how much money, Pakistan is nowhere near gaining even a single foot or kilometer of the territory that it so desperately wants to portray as its own due to the fact that the Kashmiris are overwhelmingly Muslims. But it is just a bogus claim and even after launching diplomatic efforts in every part where they can he heard (or not heard) not even your so called Muslim brothers bother to give you much support in any forum let alone the so called Non Muslim Countries. Even as the so called diplomatic and moral support bankrupts the economy of Pakistan (and we know what kind of support the Kashmiris are getting), thousands of people are being killed by the Taliban, there is a low level insurgency going on in the Baluchistan Province and the biggest city burns and crime is rampant with the economy always on crutches of international financial institutions and rich Arab countries, Pakistanis have lost the will to be realistic about things especially Kashmir. Although their narrative that people are dying is true but how is the value of Kashmiris higher than the ones getting killed by so called fellow Muslims inside Pakistan.

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