Friday, November 15, 2013

Expensiveness and Affordability

This topic had been boiling over for a long time in my head and I just kept on get distracted by other topics and the two series that I recently launched on my blog besides two regular ones. But I keep hearing this not only from my family members and relatives but friends and strangers alike. What is expensive and what is affordability. For example when I say that I want to buy a big house or a big car, the first thing that other people say that it is expensive and even if you are able to afford it, how are you going to pay for mortgage, insurance, maintenance and this creates a puzzling reply from me that if I can afford to buy an expensive house or a car, why can't I be able to afford it in the long run and the people don’t understand this logic. Why is that I can afford to buy expensive stuff but would not be able to afford its maintenance and long term care? Am I missing something or people don’t understand that if I am rich enough to afford, I am rich enough to take care of the stuff too. This problem does not crop up when you buy expensive jewelry, handbags and other things but when it comes to cars and houses, people bend over themselves and say that in the long run it would be really expensive. I don’t think that the person who is going to buy these things would worry much about how they will be able to afford it since they have already factored in all the costs associated with it and nobody keeps a car or a house forever and if they don’t want to keep it, they can sell it. End of discussion. Too tired of explaining this to other people.

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