Monday, September 16, 2013

World of Finance: Job fairs-Do they really work?-3

Other thing I want to talk about is the attire that you wear at these fairs. They always say that wear business attire, but I have seen people coming to the fairs like they are coming to the movie theaters, casual and informal. Again I suspect that these people have no expectation for getting hired or because there is no clear interview procedure, your business attire would not help you distinguish from so many others qualified recruits. You are really better off wearing business casual because the recruiter would not see past through you if you wear a suit. Suits are not compulsory if you happen to be in one of these fairs. The only job fair that I recommend is the one that your college organizes since these recruiters are genuinely interested in recruiting from young graduates and they make a push to come to these schools frequently. And since I had to register to these job fairs to attend, I still constantly get email updates from them but I know by now how wasteful the time is to get ready and go there when you could be hunting job on your own through the internet (another post), personal contacts, networking, contacting employment agencies directly etc. If you still feel that the job fairs gives you good leads, then go ahead and make a trip to experience yourself, you will know what I am talking about. This post is usually about what happens in the U.S. but I suspect that some other countries may have the same problem as with the internet, these kinds of face to face contact with recruiters who look bored and want to just get over their assignment and when you don’t see much prospect of any interview happening, you will start to stay away from these job fairs.

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