Saturday, September 7, 2013

Outrageous labor costs

I may have told you once before long time ago that the car dealers rip you off as you are some filthy rich person. But due to the particular nature of the problem with my car which two of the independent workshops were unable to fix and directed me to the dealer I had no choice but to follow their advice and went to the dealer. Initially I thought that I would get that problem fixed along with oil change. But as many of you have find out once you start working on a car you are shocked to hear that this and that part are at the end of their life cycle and needs to be replaced (with somewhat urgency) and you are at considerable risk if you drive without fixing it as it is told by your car dealer mechanic and in somewhat irrational sense since you are already there you might as well take care of this additional problem as well. It was just air filter, cabin filter and some minor stuff including oil change, tire rotation and the amount was upfront given to me. I had also be warned that the rear tire brakes need to be fixed but the amount was too much to handle and I already had experience with car dealers charging you outrageous amount of money as compared to local independent and even chain shops, so for this reason I declined and decided that the rest of things should be taken care off first.

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