Monday, September 16, 2013

The bullying culture-2

But this culture is alive and well in the colleges and also in the Military where hazing is a fact of life. And it is not in the United States but in other countries, hazing is done but we choose to ignore it since it is between consenting adults and so we make half hearted efforts in that area. When you ask them, they say that it has been happening for years and it is rare that some person dies during this hazing process. Usually it happens to the people who want to join a fraternity or sorority and it is the same people who are desperate enough to join these clubs that they endure physical and mental abuse so that they could be part of a cool group. But even one casualty is too much in this area but we cannot do anything because these are adult kids who chose this initiation process from their own free will. And this happens in the military too where it is just a form of breaking in the new recruit to put in mildly and it happens in almost every military of the world. The constant yelling and the verbal abuse keeps on going in so many military academies that it has become part of the norm. And this culture has now invaded the school kids with devastating results. So even if we continue to tolerate in the adult culture, we should and must make every effort to eliminate it from our schools and on the internet aimed at kids.

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