Sunday, September 8, 2013

The minimum wage protest-2

So if we believe that if the fast food workers have their way, then there will be a ripple effect and more people will want to have raise because the fast food companies will have to raise their prices and in order to afford the prices either the other workers salaries will have to rise proportionately or the demand will drop accordingly because people will either don’t come that often or maybe use more homemade food. I would have been more supportive if the demand would be down to USD 10.00 because it is more manageable and most of the people who frequent these places would be able to afford a little increase in the price of their food or maybe the fast food companies may absorb this labor costs more easily and don’t raise the price at all. And the people who have given support to this unrealistic demand know very well that it is not going to happen overnight. So why give support to this unrealistic demand because it makes for a good politics and potential voters in the future. And further more you feel good about helping the less fortunate people (even if does not help them any bit). And asking for dramatic increase is more effective and shocking and popular than little increments. And I know that maybe with a little increase which is much less dramatic, these protests will fizzle out as economic reality will set in. I have not even gone into the logistic of how this increase will phase (that is another topic in the future).

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