Friday, September 27, 2013

It is not my job

You may have heard this expression many times in your daily work and it just makes me really upsetting sometimes (But not always). Like when you are asking about something and the person says that they don’t know because it is not their job or they don’t want to know about it. Well I become upset since people have forgotten the lust to learn or they are so much involved in their own lives that they will not want to learn something other than what they are doing. And the sad part is that this has been increasing so much despite the perilous situation people are in due to the economy that even some miniscule effect can put them out of their jobs. I mean would it really hurt you back, hand, mind or just about any part of your body is you can go out of your slight way to help somebody or do something which is not explicitly written in your job description. I can understand that you are not going to get paid for something that you are doing above and beyond your job responsibilities but will it make any difference if you help out somebody out of courtesy. The saying one good deed deserves another hold true in this case. But here people are becoming more materialistic but still not getting enough money even when they say it is not their job since if you happen to go above and beyond what you paid or supposed to do, you will not only earn goodwill but when the times comes for you to ask the favor, the greater act you did before will be remembered in kind.

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