Thursday, September 19, 2013

Covert operations

That means without authorization from the relevant authorities. And it is not just about military operations but I can put many operations which are covert that you will be surprised by it. The government has no longer a monopoly of these types of operations as now everybody is doing it. Let me explain what I mean. For example nowadays internet is a hot topic among teens and young kids (and also adults) and our lives have been changed drastically. So if you want to track what your kids are doing on the internet, you can covertly track their movements on the social media and other sites without them finding out. Many spouses and partners keep tab on their significant other if they come to suspect that they are cheating by hiring private detective to track the whereabouts of them covertly. Some websites without your knowledge keep track of your shopping and browsing habits. The government maybe the biggest user of these covert operations like surveillance and spying on its own citizens as well as non citizens and sending in military teams to do it but the ordinary citizens are doing it also covertly to track their loved ones, retailers tracking their customers etc. Now if you are going to ask me if it is legal or not, then that is the beauty of such operations. Even if somebody finds out, the main people behind it will never be caught, prosecuted or jailed since it is covert and they deny it to the max even if some indications suggests that they are involved. Watch out for these kinds of operations to increase in the future because they are hidden from the person(s) or entities actually are being targeted.

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