Monday, September 16, 2013

Fire on the Jersey shore

Last week there was a devastating fire on the jersey shore in the town of Seaside Park/heights and more than two dozen businesses were destroyed along with the recently reconstructed boardwalk. That community was already hit by last year's hurricane Sandy and was just recovering when this tragedy occurred. The famous boardwalk that was recently constructed was partially destroyed in the fire, the cause of which still remains unknown. There have been stories about business being built and now completely destroyed again. Although the governor of New Jersey has promised low cost loans and grants to rebuild the community. But it is really heart wrenching how you people who are trying to rebuild their lives, get pushed back again to where they were before. These owners have not have completely recovered the investment that they have put after hurricane Sandy and now they have to endure another year working to rebuild their lives and businesses. And it is not that businesses are destroyed but some of memories are also gone forever in this fire. Another irony is that the first time it was Hurricane Sandy which put so much water on the shore and destroyed their business and now the same water was used to put out the fire. But it is the resilience of the human spirit that some of these business owners have vow to rebuild their business and come back next year. And you can see that this kind of resilience is happening every day around the world. Let’s hope for the best for Jersey shore as it struggles once more under this new tragedy.

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