Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Introducing two new series-2

Just before starting these two new series I want to clearly emphasize that I am not endorsing any product nor getting any remuneration for my posts. Nor I have any professional license that allows me to dispense advice to you. I just have an bachelors and Masters degree in Finance and extensive reading habits that will enable me to provide you my take on what is going on regarding the financial side of our world which people are usually unable to comprehend or simply ignore. The first of the series will be called "World of Finance" and it will deal exactly as what it says what is happening in the world of Finance and how you can understand and cope with it without getting burnt and angry at people who have very little do with Financial decision that is happening in the board rooms of corporate world. Because people have a tendency to blame where the blame is not due so I want to set this straight from the onset. I have no intention to put every financial news that is available every day and every hour since I don’t have the expertise or the time to do it on a regular basis. I cannot analyze everything about what is happening in the financial world since it will consume much time and also since I am not getting paid for anything, it will just become a financial blog of sorts rather than the different opinions that I share on it but any major news I will be able to analyze and provide coverage along with some opinions (strictly) to suggest what to do with your money extra or not.

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